Joachim is a computer scientist, designer and software producer. His photographic work focuses on landscapes, materials and building structures, which fascinate him since childhood. Already as a student, he received awards for his designs for shaping future cars (Adam Opel AG, Modellbauergilde). He learned the basics of photography in the advertising department of M.A.N. Maybach Mercedes Benz, his interest in structures led him to a computer science study. He has co-designed the merging of information technology with design and content in many projects and today he says “language is a proprietary interface – in contrast, images are understandable for everyone and for this reason essential, to make knowledge accessible to all peoples of the world”.

Creativity is creating something new and exciting. Something new and exciting can not appear out of nowhere. It is an idea, an emotion and the strength to turn these ideas and emotions into something that is new and exciting. As a business partner, Joachim provided for hundreds of clients ideas, and concepts, for the organization of electronic filing systems, as well as imaginative interior and furniture designs. Aditionally, he manages to surprise everybody with his originality, and imagination, as a painter and photographer.

Gerhard Schmitt – Toronto

The boundaries between art and photography are blurring concepts. In the rarest of cases, photography is art, because most of the photos hanging on walls are for decoration. That’s different with Joachim. He always strives to make artistic statements with the tools of photography. The best proof of this are his structural pictures.

Lynn Coughlin – Capgemini, Toronto